Why you should NEVER give up

I recently wrote on Instagram about how I overheard a group of girls talking about me and it was initially really hurtful and I started having doubts whether I was cut out for this and whether me sharing my life with you all was allowing people to have an opinion on me. But why should I give up my dream because of someone else’s view? I realised that with the negative opinions also come positive ones and by helping just one person through sharing my stories and experiences then my job is done. Helping someone far outweighs any kind of opinion that someone holds of me and I shouldn’t let someone hold be back.

The matter of fact is, if we can overcome the obstacles presented to us and keep pushing through the bad times, we will find the success within ourselves to create something worthwhile. It isn’t always easy trying to reach the top, but when you’re thinking about giving up, remember these five things:


Keep work harding and don’t take your foot off the pedal. Never get complacent and feel as though you’ve done enough. This may seem harsh, but I find that the more you strive, the bigger your determination grows. There is always one more minute that you could be spending on your work to make it even more perfect, unique or groundbreaking. Complacency is something I am almost afraid of; I hate the thought that I will get to a point where laziness or satisfaction will take over and I lose my fire. I want to keep developing, pushing my limits and creating bigger and better pieces of content. Because I have my own goals and aspirations, just like you do. If you settle for good enough, that’s all you will be and someone will surpass you. So never give up, and remember that only you, and the time you put into your dreams, will take you to the next level.


We are all human. Realizing that it’s okay to make a mistake is only part of the battle to that ultimate goal. Learning and moving forward comes from doing something wrong and being told how to do it right.

Riding a bike without training wheels isn’t an easy feat, but once we learned the rhythm and how to be in control, it became a skill we wouldn’t forget. If we throw in the towel after the first mishap or the first time we hear people criticize how we handle ourselves, we are letting go of what could have been.


Reaching that ultimate goal should be a special moment. If it wasn’t the hardest thing of our lives, then we didn’t achieve it. Knowing that we did everything we could for ourselves and others to earn that goal should be more rewarding than the actual honor itself.

It’s impossible to reach success without first facing failure, so don’t let anything stop you. Failure is a normal process in life. Behind every successful person, there is a story and a long-fought journey for him or her to get to where he or she is today.


When someone says you can’t do something, show that you can. Read more, write more, know more and work harder than the person next to you.

If he or she runs two miles, run three. If he or she spends four hours working on a project, spend eight. Actions speak a lot louder than words, so instead of complaining and sulking about others perceptions of us, make them choke on and spit up their words.


This is the most important saying to remember when giving up becomes a legitimate thought. Nobody can create an empire in a day; no business can become a multi-billion-dollar venture in one day, and no idea is worth throwing in the garbage if all the stops haven’t been pulled out yet.

There is a lot to say about rewriting drafts in our lives, and sometimes they need to be revised and edited multiple times before the finished copy can be published and celebrated.


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