Why hitting the unfollow button will do you the world of good

It’s no surprise that last year was a really tough year for me, both mentally and emotionally; I’m in a much better headspace now with help from this but I must admit I started to feel a little deflated whenever I headed onto social media. This is aimed at no profiles in particular, but at Instagram and all of the social media space as a whole.

I actually enjoy scrolling my social media feeds and reading about the days, quotes and thoughts of the people that I follow. I also head onto Instagram to see what my friends are wearing, where people are eating, staying, travelling to. And for the most part it makes me super happy to click like on every single picture as I scroll down my feed.

That’s until this happens…

You probably follow a lot of people on social media. Some of them you love. Some of them truly inspire you. Some of them share wonderful uplifting quotes that really resonate. And others happen to take some really beautiful and creative images that encourage you to work a touch harder on your own images.

But then, there are those social accounts that leave us feeling a little stale. Their images or words just don’t make us feel happy anymore. It might not be anything about this social user personally, but their images, personality, morals or their lifestyle just leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. I’m almost positive I can speak for everyone here. There will be someone that you follow who posts photos that no longer make you happy to see. Maybe their captions appear like they’re gloating, maybe their images are a little too materialistic, maybe their personality appears a little ungrateful for the things they get to buy and see. Or perhaps, they have a body that you would die for, eat food that would leave you wanting to gnaw off your own arm or live a lifestyle you could only potentially dream of with a lottery win. And all of that just leaves you comparing, angry or pretty darn fed up.

Whatever it is about that person’s feed that you don’t like; ask yourself why you’re still following.

Your Instagram feed is your space. It’s what is so magical about social media; you are entirely in control of the people you interact with and the type of content you choose to consume. If someone isn’t tickling your fancy then just remember that there are millions of other users out there who might. Sometimes it’s simply a case of growing up a bit – we all change, be it in tastes, in fashion, in confidence or direction and expecting everyone to grow with you is naive. A fashion blogger whose recommendations may used to have been gospel to you might now fall on deaf ears. And you know what? That’s totally cool. The reality is that in a way you’re doing them a favour because there’s no benefit in an unengaged audience of silent scrollers. 

You want to look at your social media feeds and see content that makes you really happy. It’s nothing against that person; just you curating a feed of images or text that allow you to feel a certain way. You have the right to; it’s your own feed! You don’t want to have to feel negative every time this person’s updates pop up when you’re scrolling. So why do you?! I know so so many people who have this exact same feeling but just can’t commit to unfollowing for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

But I’m here to tell you, the grass is greener. As soon as you realise that you care more for your own mental state every time that you scroll, than for this person’s attitude at you unfollowing, your social media life will be kicked up a few happy notches.

Trust me. That unfollow will really help you.

You won’t find yourself comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down in the way that you used to. You won’t read a tweet from a person who’s every word makes you frustrated. And you will be so much happier to scroll your social media feeds than you ever have.

Who wants to compare themselves every day to someone who has a body type that makes you hate your own. A ridiculous lifestyle and an ungrateful, boastful attitude. A feed that makes you feel like you aren’t cool enough, don’t earn enough or don’t live a fulfilled life. You can still follow lots of people with insane lifestyles and incredible bodies, as long as they inspire you and you enjoy their photos. But when that changes, and you find that all you’re doing is comparing or feeling down on your own photos, your own body, your own lifestyle, then it’s time to unfollow.

Taking part in social media is a choice and I really hope this inspires some of you to clear out your social feeds and make your social media a place that makes you motivated, encouraged, inspired and most importantly, truly happy.


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  1. Unknown
    February 23, 2019 / 12:41 pm

    I totally agree with you on this. Everything you described I can relate to. Yesterday I cleaned up my social media and unfollowed profiles that no longer inspire me. Thank you for writing this.

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