I grew up in a family of 7 and our holiday each year was to our grandparents in Devon and Cornwall and I loved it. My first time abroad was when I was 11 to Ibiza with my mum and stepdad and it was then that I realised that I was a fan of travelling and I wanted to see as much of the world as physically possible. 
By the time that I fell pregnant and had Kaiden everyone had practically had my whole life mapped out for me with travelling completely off the cards. It was then I truly learnt that I wasn’t going to accept no for an answer, I might of had to adapt my plans but I was still going to travel the world. I travelled Australia with him and lived my childhood dreams through him in Disneyland

For anyone stuck in a rut or thinking of taking an adventure, these are my top tips to ensure that you have the best time and experience possible.

Come up with an idea that excites you

It doesn’t need to be a world first or completely over the top, as long as it excites you. Then pick a date when you will do it. And, finally, the hardest part of all: COMMIT to actually doing it!

Whether it is cycling to the sea, doing a hike, jumping out of a plane, or eating in a restaurant from a country you know nothing about, the hardest part is to break your ordinary routine and make yourself do it. It’s often easier if you rope in a few friends to join you.


Think about your 5-to-9

Many of our adventurous dreams and wishes are often pushed to the back of our minds by the realities of real life: commitments, money, and the constraints of a 9 to 5 job. But what about your ‘5 to 9’? On those long summer evenings you have time, even on a midweek work night, to squeeze a genuine adventure into your life. You could sleep on a hill under the stars, or make a journey around your own home. Try to seek out the opportunities for adventure in your life rather than feeling glum about the constraints.



Adven­ture trav­el is about pos­si­bil­i­ty, dis­cov­ery, and delight. The high­lights of an adven­ture are often unplanned and can only be dis­cov­ered by being open, smil­ing wide, and say­ing yes to oppor­tu­ni­ties, peo­ple, and places.



Pur­sue your pas­sion to open doors and build bridges. Do you love football? Find a pick­up game. Do you love to cook? Spend time inter­act­ing at the mar­ket. Love to play music? Find some­where to jam with locals. You never know what opportunities are waiting for you. 



Cap­ture the essence of your expe­ri­ence and share it with oth­ers. Tell a sto­ry that inspires oth­er peo­ple to trav­el and care about the peo­ple, their culture and places to visit. There are so many ways to document your trips..journal, sketches, scrapbooks. I love to take lots of video clips and then make a video montage of each trip and the things we got up too. 



There is no bet­ter, or more sus­tain­able way to expe­ri­ence a des­ti­na­tion than through human-pow­ered adven­ture. Build sweat equi­ty with a des­ti­na­tion and it for­ev­er becomes a part of you. I much rather to walk or bike than taking a tram or cab so I can stop often and take in small details, especially when I’m in no rush.  And who ever is on holiday?



I’m a big advocate for this and let’s face it, you are never going to see the whole world (now that’s a challenge) if you’re always going back to the same place. There has nev­er been a bet­ter time to be an adven­tur­ist. Today, so many infre­quent­ly trav­eled coun­tries are safe, sta­ble, and open to adven­ture trav­el­ers that the only real wor­ry is choos­ing where to go first.



There’s always a rea­son to post­pone. But don’t do that. Book a trip. Com­mit. You won’t regret it. Adven­ture trav­el can be very afford­able, with extra­or­di­nary expe­ri­ences avail­able at every price point. Whether you have a week or 6 months, there’s a trip that’s right for you. Not going is the only thing you’ll regret.

Do you have any other tips to make a adventure stress free but insightful? I would love to know in the comments below. 


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