For an island to be World Heritage listed, it must be pretty spectacular, with its tropical rainforest and endless white-sand beaches. Mother Nature definitely brought her A game to the world’s largest sand island. Fraser Island is the home to pristine white sands stretching for 75 miles against crystal blue water and trees that only grow in sand. 

Noosa Heads

Our day started at 5am when we were collected by our tour bus, with the sun yet to rise in Australia. To journey the Fraser Island begins at Brisbane, through Noosa Heads and then into Harvey Bay where we boarded the passenger ferry over to Fraser Island. We drove off the ferry straight onto the beach, I have never driven on a beach before and it was quite a surreal moment. We stopped at Eli Creek on the island for a bite of breakfast, Kaiden decided that jumping in and out of the waves was far better than breakfast and the smile on his little face definitely proved that
After breakfast we drove to Lake Mckenzie, and there is only word for that place PARADISE!! From the dreamy white sand, to the crystal blue water surrounded by a rainforest. A place where you can lay without a care in the world and just live in the moment. Lake McKenzie is a freshwater perched lake, which solely contains of rainwater, no groundwater, is not fed by streams and does not flow into the ocean.The sand is pure white silica and is not only beautiful to look at but feels beautifully soft to walk on as well as a brilliant natural exfoliator leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Sitting back and watching my little boy splash around in the purest water and the MOST beautiful surroundings is just one thing I could only dream of. We spent hours on the beach, but never managed to build any sand castles; Kaiden was too busy running in and out of the water and I was more than happy taking it all in as the afternoon sun fell on my shoulders leaving a sunkissed glow. My happy place.

After a spot of lunch, and yes of course it was a barbie, we took a stroll down the beach and came across a bundle of baby turtles. We weren’t allowed to touch them but it was adorable to sit and watch them for a while. Kaiden was completely fascinated on how they move and could not stop giggling. 

After hours in the sun, the group decided we wanted to explore more of the island and we all jumped in the tour bus and headed the rainforests for a walk in hope that we would cool down with a cool breeze – we thought wrong, although it was a lovely walk. There is something so very peaceful about walking through beautiful surroundings with barely any background noise with the sun peaking through the trees. The rainforest simply oozed calmness and I felt nothing less. Kaiden took it upon himself to be our tour guide and everyone loved the silly jokes he was telling (I’m glad everyone loved them, but it was very sweet to watch.) Fraser Island is one of only places on Earth where the rainforest grows in sand and I have walked through it with Kaiden as my tour guide, pretty amazing aye?

We ended our day at a place just north of Eli Creek called The Pinnacles Coloured Sands, which is proof that Fraser’s pristine white sane isn’t the only thing that would captivate you. Its spectacular array of multi-coloured sand cliffs is simply one of the most amazing things on Fraser Island that your eyes could marvel at and one that I thought I would never stumble upon. The sand comes in rich and beautiful varieties of yellow, brown and orange cliffs shaped and sculpted thousands of years ago by nature’s most powerful element: wind and water. While I was gazing at the different shades of the cliffs, Kaiden built a lovely sculpture out of pieces of wood that had floated ashore and he had found laying around on the beach. Isn’t be a cleaver sausage?

Fraser Island is by far the best island that I had have pleasure visiting but also that I have brought Kaiden along too. The chances are he may not remember our trip in a few years time but I certainly will. It had breathtaking views with every corner being a ‘wow’ moment. The local Butchulla people call it K’Gari – paradise – and now I understand why because it simply is.


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