‘A mother is she who can take the place of others but whose place no one can take’

 I know it is a little cliché but I really don’t know what I would do without my mum. She helps out with the school runs, answers the phone when I need her advice, lends a hand when I need it most. She is simply wonderful.  It was her birthday recently and she ALWAYS puts everyone else in front of herself so I decided to take her out to treat her for the day and show exactly how much I appreciate her.  In case you don’t know, my mum’s name is Teresa but I like to call her Marjorie or Vera; she loves it deep down.

We started the day driving down country lanes, passing little villages on the way with Vera trying to guess where I was taking her. We stopped in Olney, a little village just outside of Milton Keynes for breakfast at The Cherry Tree.

Wow, I would love an entrance way just like this!!

The Cherry Tree is set within such a quaint and idyllic village with cobbled bricks and smiley faces, the kind of place where you can pop to your local butchers or pub and say ‘good morning’ on everyone that you past. Outside was simply beautiful but inside was just as picturesque; a brilliant combination of classic and modern chic. 

The food was just delicious, the staff couldn’t be anymore friendly if they tried and the decor was just to die for. I had arranged for some birthday cupcakes to surprise Vera, the pinkest cupcakes with glitter sprinkles along with ‘happy birthday to you’ along with a shocked face but still entertaining for me to see her get so embarrassed.

We had a wonder down the high street before jumping back in the car and driving down more country lanes singing out our favourite songs. We reached Kettering Hotel and Spa and Marjorie still didn’t have a clue. Seeing her little face light up, she has always talked about going to a spa but has never actually been.

We were given a cuppa and our locker keys while we filled in our lunch choices and then headed down to the changing rooms. Inside our lockers were the fluffiest and cosy dressing gowns and slippers which we slipped into and headed to the treatment rooms where I had booked Marjorie and I massages. I had been looking forward to this massage all week. The room was dark but lit with flickering candlelight, playing soothing music in the backgrounds, listening to the waves roll in and out while I tucked myself under a fluffy blanket. Just the perfect relaxation.

After our massages, we headed to the pool for little dip. Nothing to rush for. We could take our time. To do just nothing. We spent the afternoon dipping in and out of the pool, the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and the garden which was filled with beautiful flowers and a fountain in a middle of a little lake. The sun was shining and it was bliss. We even played a few games of four in one, and Marjorie if you’re reading this, you still need to practise, I practically won every game.

We had a lovely day and I surprised Vera with a another birthday cake, she really wasn’t expecting it and thought her embarrassment for the day was over…she was wrong. She deserved to be treated and it was lovely to spend the day together. I really appreciate everything you do for me, Vera and I love you dearly.



  1. Alvern
    November 27, 2018 / 10:36 am

    The fact that you have a nick name for your Mum is too cute. So glad you got to celebrate her birthday with her.

    • Jade Jennifer
      January 24, 2019 / 5:32 pm

      The older the name, the better. I think I might go for Sal or Patrisha next

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