If there’s one thing I know how to do well, it’s long-haul flights! I actually don’t mind flying and long flights just means I can shut off, unwind away from the nitty gritty of the internet and have time to myself without feeling guilty for it.

I’ve been lucky to fly first class a couple of times but my inflight essentials don’t change nonetheless. As much as I try to minimize certain areas of my life; the things i take onboard is not one of them. Whether I’m sitting in economy or first, my routine remains the same and if anything the below makes flying in economy feel like first class.

What to wear

I try and find some balance between extra cosy and feeling good, because as much as I love being comfortable, ya girl does not look good in joggers!
I find a nice pair of soft trousers are ideal for travelling, along with a loose fitting top, and a super comfy jumper. Sometimes I’ll bring more of a loungewear outfit for changing in to, so I have a travelling outfit for in the airport/arriving, which is always a good idea!
The loungewear section of ASOS is always a shout, and I have this pair of comfies from when I travelled to America in.

I always, always pack a blanket scarf with me too – since you can wear them on the ground, plus they’re great as an extra blanket or pillow when you’re in the air.

As for shoes, slip-ons are good for getting through security and kicking off when you’re on the plane. Loafers are my go to, practical but classy. I always take my shoes off as soon as I’m board and put on some White Company cashmere socks. Extra comfy and so warm!

Beauty Essentials

Probably the most important, if you ask me! I always pack face wipes because they’re great for freshening up and some cheap flannels which I don’t mind throwing away, it might seem like a waste but it feels like a little luxury while in the air to run them under hot water and steam your face. I usually pack two per flight, one for the beginning of the flight and one before landing. Another favourite is some form of sheet face mask. Not so great for the other passengers but I swear by these for keeping my skin hydrated when I travel, as the plane can be quite drying. The Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks are my absolute favourite at the moment.

In terms of my actual skincare, I stick to my three firm favourites; a booster, a serum and a moisturiser. I start by using the Elizabeth Arden Superstar Skin Booster, then the Advanced Ceramide Capsules, followed by Illuminating Moisturiser by Omorovicza. I then leave them to work their magic, allowing my skin to soak up the goodness. All three products leave me with soft, silky skin with a gorgeous glow.

Other absolute essentials for me are hand sanitiser, hand cream, lip balm and a big bottle of water because planes dehydrate me like nothin’ else (and they’re also a bit gross too, so han san is always a good idea!). Perfume and deodorant are also going to come in handy – you’ll thank yourself later!

I also like to keep my holy grail of all holy grail products the colour correcting primer, a concealer and mascara on hand, for when I arrive. It’s low maintenance but definitely perks me up a little bit.

I hate the feeling of being without when it comes to travelling, so if I can carry it, it’s in keeping with the liquid restrictions and I really think I’ll need it, I’ll just pack it. An extra jumper, a fresh set of clothes, my skincare routine… anything to make the travelling that little bit easier.