I recently posted a photo on Instagram and was asked “how are you so confident taking photos in front of other people?” and damn, I wanted to write this girl a novel. Instead, I’m writing a post because I most certainly have been there and relate so much to this question. Here’s how to grow your confidence when it comes to taking pictures in public and not let anyone else dampen your progress.




Firstly create the idea in your head and think about the purpose behind the image. What is the image for? Is it the perfect tourist shot purely to share on your Instagram? Is it a mini photoshoot to create a blog post you’ve been envisioning? Do you want to focus on a particular piece of clothing or jewellery? Or is it simply a beautiful memory you want to frame when you get back home? No matter what it is, think about that purpose and stick with it as you line up and take the shot you need. It may also help to have a ‘shot list’ in mind so you can move along fairly quickly – full bodies, half bodies and detailed images, making you feel more confident by being prepared. When you don’t know what you’re doing or what shot you want, you will feel like a mess on the inside & that shows on the outside. Don’t let people staring or talking stop you from achieving that initial goal, however vulnerable you may be feeling.

If you’re new to taking photos, I suggest starting out in more secluded places. Taking photos for many is fun, but for me it’s also work and if you’re new to it, it can also be mega overwhelming. Starting out in a really busy place is like jumping in to the deep end and one thing you don’t want to do is feel like a fool, shatter any confidence you do have and be too scared to go back out again, ease your way into it – find secret gardens, garage doors, streets that aren’t typically busy or go behind a building – it’s where you’ll find the big blank walls. When you’re ready and feel more comfortable, branch out. Try a touristy area where taking photos is the norm, then a busier street; work your way up to it. My photography and editing has drastically improved, even within the last few posts – you can check them out here and here.



While shooting in a public places, being considerate and patient is key. Yes it can be super annoying foot traffic getting in the way while you’re trying to get that clear Insta-worthy shot but that’s just the nature of the beast. To put it simply you cannot expect people to hang around and wait for you, one it’s rude and two they have their own day to go about. It is much simpler to stop, smile and let them go past; they will be thankful and you will feel much better without an audience watching you.


Lastly try to keep your focus on the outcome of what you’re doing, rather than that moment of embarrassment. You are shooting photos for a reason whether its for your blog, the ‘gram or for your own memories and while it’s fun to take photos – you have to remember there is an end game and the last thing you want to do is spend your entire day sitting around trying to get that shot because you are being shy or people are making you feel less than. What really helps me keep my focus is to think of the end result and almost block out whatever is happening around me. I’m in my photo bubble with my line of eye sight purely on my photographer..I’m doing what I need to do in the moment. Think about what you want and how you want your photos to turn out, having that vision will really help drown out any insecurities that you may be feeling and when you see that photo come out just as you imagined it, it will help you begin to feel more confident!