I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of clothes. I also never have anything to wear. After being inspired and setting my goals for the year I embarked on a mission to clear out every space possible starting with my closet, to organise what’s left and then shop with some sort of focus. I thought I’d share my experience with you in the hope that it may be somewhat helpful! I do appreciate that not everyone has the ability to just simply get rid of a load of clothes and then go and buy new ones willy nilly, but hopefully you’ll see that this is more a wardrobe detox than it is simply throwing out old stuff and buying new things for the sake of it.


Everything. No cheating. I’m not into doing things by halves and I find that tackling a drawer or a category (e.g. ‘jumpers’) at a time just means that I never really get the job done. Instead I prefer to empty literally every single item onto my bed and work through it, piece by piece. I personally empty everything onto my bed making it uninhabitable and forcing me to finish by the end of the day so I can climb into bed.


This part is not exactly the most comfortable thing to do but be honest and brutal with the help of these three questions; Do you love it? Do you need it? Does it fit?

Although I’m not expecting you to be head over heels for every pair of white trainer socks, just because something is an essential item doesn’t mean you can’t love it too. Even the most simple of necessities: underwear, a plain white t-shirt, a pair of black jeans are so much more likely to make you feel good when you put them on if they’re items that fit well and feel comfortable.

Based on my own wardrobe, I’d hazard that the proportion of yours that you genuinely love is pretty low too. I try and ask myself whether I’d buy the item if I was stood facing it in a shop now. When I love something – how it fits, how it looks, how it feels – I find excuses to wear it all the time so it’s a worthy investment, regardless of how much it actually cost. In contrast, there are lots of things lurking in my wardrobe that I like but usually pass over when I’m getting dressed in the morning. Regardless of how much you do or don’t love something, if it doesn’t fit then it’s not much use to you at all.


Invest in quality hangers that all match, you would be surprised how much space it creates when they all align up the same. Then hang your clothes accordingly to colour or clothing category. I’m a sucker for colour coordination with the darker colours at one end such as the blacks, navys, blues, then greens, each colour blending into the next like a rainbow until you reach the nudes, greys and finally whites. It’s oddly satisfying but also eliminates ruminging  through searching for a particular colour top. Now that your wardrobe only contains things that you love, fit well and look and feel great, you will be able to see any obvious gaps.


I find the easiest way to know your style and what suits you is to know what doesn’t suit you. I hate anything that clings to my body but I love anything that’s structured, cinches me in at the waist with a flattering cut. Make a mental note of the things that didn’t make it back into your wardrobe with any running themes. A pale pastel hue that doesn’t suit your skin tone, a neckline that’s unflattering, a fabris you can never be bothered to take to the dry cleaners; avoid it like the plague, save your money and don’t make the same mistake.

Regardless of your age, size or budget, your clothes should make you feel good.



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