IN 2020

Location: Saint Aymes

Balancing my work life and my personal life has become a daily challenge. It’s so hard. I think anyone who says otherwise, is either the most organised human on the face of the earth, or is currently using a time machine to add extra hours into their day – it’s the only way I’m sure of it. From the second I wake up I’m worrying about the blog and making every single little detail something that I’m proud of, Instagram and making sure that I have enough content to put out, editing imagery for both the blog and Instagram (and more..) whilst also trying to make sure that my friends and family don’t think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. It’s a battle I often don’t win.

I write on here about the ways I’ve successfully changed something in my life and offer tips and tricks I hope will help others, but with this post I can safely say, that a work/life balance is very much, a work in progress.

So with that in mind, here are the ways I’m trying to balance my workload with my social life this year and hopefully they’ll all be successful for me and maybe help you a little too.

Work Day Blending Into The Evening

Something that is particular tricky is how hard it is to not carry on working late into the evening. Once I finish my day job, all I want to do is get working on the blog but it can quite quickly become nine o’clock in the evening, quickly becoming yet another night without a routine and without any time spent with Connor. We both need that couple of hours every evening to unwind, to talk about our days and to spend time with each other, not focusing on our work. I’ve made much more effort to make date nights a regular thing and our relationship feels stronger than ever. Even just once a week, it’s the perfect way to decompress from work and spend time enjoying each others company.

Bulk Content Creation

This is something that I do already in terms of planning shoot locations, putting outfits together and taking a big ol’ suitcase to London to shoot various things in one day but there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to planning months in advance; something that I am becoming much more aware and conscious of. Creating content in advance and having several posts already in the bank is far much easier and less stressful then the scenario of ‘I’m meant to publish a post tomorrow and I have nothing’ which I has also unfortunately happened to me.  

Planning my week

As much as I love a chilled Sunday winding down from a busy week, I also really benefit from taking a few hours out of my day to plan ahead for the next upcoming week making it easier to manage my time and making the most of the time that I do have available. This goes for so many aspects of my work and personal life; planning meals and then going food shopping so I don’t waste both food and money, jotting down deadlines that I need to meet, any social events or appointments that either Kaiden or I have. I note everything down to a T in a good old fashion notebook so I can visually see where I need to be or what I need to be doing; it really helps clears my mind and so far has been a positive change which I hope to keep up.

Ensure Consistency

Consistency has not always been easy for me but I truly believe that it will help me to stay organised. Consistently posting on the same day at the same time, creating a set amount of work per week, even trying to do certain types of work on set days of the week. Consistency offers me goals, motivation and the ability to be organised far in advance which crucial when it comes to brand campaigns, travel and even giving myself a little time off. It also ensures that when I do take a little time for myself the guilt that used to burden me is far less than if the rest of my year was unorganised. Such an important tool in my search for the work life balance as well as staying on top of well; everything!

How about you? What are you changing for 2019 to kick things up a gear? Or maybe you don’t want to make any changes because you’re content as you are. I’m looking forward to getting to that point in my life where I have things all figured out.