In my mind climbing the corporate ladder was the only way in determining my success and my way of proving to the outside world that I was not a failure just because I was 16 and pregnant (god damit that stigma).  But not so long ago, I realised that the corporate life wasn’t and still isn’t for me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it; it just doesn’t fulfil my creative flair and sitting at a desk dreaming about all of the things that I could filling my days with instead wasn’t a life that I was willing to accept; that’s when Jade Jennifer started.

Initially Jade Jennifer was a place for me to let out my creativity alongside my corporate job; a little something for me to enjoy and curate away until my heart’s content but in reality the more that I’ve ran with it, the more that I want it to become my every day. Recently I’ve spent days and nights (really late ones too) really trying to nail my vision and essentially what Jade Jennifer and I stand for, ensuring that that message comes across in everything I do, how I imagine my little corner of the blogosphere to be and I’m focused on making a brand that I’m proud of.

To anyone that has ever taken a second to read or view my content, chosen to follow my journey on a social page or even just tapped that little like button on an image of mine and chosen to interact with something I have posted or created, here are my promises to you.

To me, Jade Jennifer represents EMPOWERMENT and I love to keep this blog a place which inspires and fuels absolute kick ass people. Empowering someone is to give them the means to achieve something. It makes them strong and more confident, ready to take control of their life and to also be an advocate for themselves.  I am whole heartily down for supporting each other and installing belief to make you feel like you can go on and do anything. Even if you are dancing around in your underwear to Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ you should feel on top of the world girl. We are all capable of great things, I allow myself to get excited and inspired by the things that surround me in hope that when you read my post whether that may be a style inspo, travel review or a how to post that you grow, learn and are encouraged towards greatness.

To me, Jade Jennifer is place that offers POSITIVITY and I pride myself on publishing content both written and visual that is uplifting and will hopefully make you smile. I’m certainly not a person who will slate or spread negativity and I’m not about to start that on my blog either. There will of course be times where a beauty product may not work for my skin type, I may favour a certain fashion trend or brand over another or I may not enjoy a particular event or trip but I will never use my blog to express any kind of distaste towards a brand or company based on the fact that one item or event didn’t work for me. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle are all so personal and whilst what doesn’t work for me, may be the perfect fit for another. I would never want to stop someone’s self expression through my recommendations, we are all different and unique and that should be celebrated. I will of course always give you my truthful opinion on any product I use but much prefer to fill my blog with my favourite things that I can wholeheartedly recommend to you and that you may love to own yourself.







To me, Jade Jennifer is a brand that keeps INTEGRITY close to its heart and one that wouldn’t just accept an opportunity, partnership or collaboration because it was being offered to me. I strive to create a reliable and trustworthy blog and I want my readers to feel as though they can trust what I say. I would damage all of that by accepting payment or be incentivised to speak positively about something that I do not agree with and I will only work with brands if I felt it was the right fit for not only me but for you guys too. I received my first proposal of a collaboration four months into my blogging career and trust me I was so excited and thrilled when they reached out but I politely declined because I wasn’t about to start recommending products that I didn’t wholeheartedly love or would go out and spend my own money on all while laying down the foundations and building an audience. No amount of money or ‘free gifts’ would be ever be worth destroying my pride and integrity.

To me, Jade Jennifer offers a place of SELF CONFIDENCE and CREATIVE GROWTH, especially for myself.  This platform is where I write down my inner most thoughts, advice and experiences, and by sharing these with you I hope that it may just help someone else love themself; mind, body and soul. I sure doubted myself when I first started, it was a scary move and I didn’t know if I could ever be as good as other bloggers. But there’s no one doing it like me because I’m the only me; I believe in myself and know damn well I can achieve what I set my mind to. When I began this journey I never knew what shutter speed I should have been using in outdoor settings, what angles were my most flattering on fashion shoots and I definitely didn’t know enough about SEO. Now, I feel like I’m finding my feet how on to create a cohesive feed, I create posts on wardrobe tips, beauty flight essentials and life lessons that I wished I knew sooner. Even one of my posts in this little corner of the internet can help boost just one individual.. then I am doing something right. I don’t proclaim to know everything there is about looking after yourself mentally or physically but having belief in what I do is a pretty good start.









How do you see your blog/platform in this ever growing world of social media? I would love to hear if you have an end goal for your space or something great that you aspire to be a part of as it evolves. Let me know below!


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