In between the lovely April showers, there has been one and only one day of sunshine and I’m sure it won’t be long before the rain commences again. So with the weather in mind, it only made sense to take full advantage of the outdoors. We have been cooped up inside for far too long and I really wanted to get out in the fresh Spring air.

Kaiden and I decided to take a trip to Gullivers land in Milton Keynes to spend so much needed time together and to make fun, silly memories. I want to make Kaiden’s childhood such a memorable and loving one that eventually he can pass onto his children.

I love being able to take Kaiden on rides that I loved as a kid, like the log flume which just so happen to be one of his favourite rides. We got soaked but thankfully it was a nice day so we dried off in the sun. The park wasn’t overly busy so we didn’t have to queue for very long if at all, meaning we got to cover most of the park. I have definately learnt that Kaiden LOVES water rides so a water park is on the horizon for this year.

Theme parks create such a care feel atmosphere where nothing matters and it was lovely to be able to take a step back and enjoy the little things. The laughter and amazement that spread across Kaiden’s face was delightful. At the end of the day, Gully did a show where all of the children gathered and danced, Kaiden felt a bit embarrassed and needed a little encouragement. He eventually joined in and I was a little dishearten that it wont be long before he doesn’t want to join in at all, hold my hand or even wants to hang out with me. Before I know it Kaiden will be a teenager and it makes me realise to take advangtage of not only the special occasions but everyday life as well. Afterall, he will never be as young and cheeky as he is now and I never want to miss out. Make everyday count, it just have to cost alot or be extravagant, just happy and loving.


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