About Me


Just a quick introduction to me and my life. My name is Jade Jennifer and I’m a average 24 year old. I work full time and enjoy travelling, crafting and making memories that last a lifetime. I have a boyfriend who I have been with for 2 years however we very much appreciate privacy in our relationship . I studied beauty at college but soon realised that it wasn’t for me so I studied media and then went onto study photography, although I passed the course, I haven’t picked up a camera in a long time so I’m pretty rusty.

I have a little boy called Kaiden who is 7 years old and is just the sweetest little terror possible, which definitely keeps me on my toes but I love it. He is very thoughtful, considerate and loving but is also just an ordinary seven year old, who loves toys, being outside and his Xbox.

We also have a cat called Bow, who Kaiden loves but the love isn’t always returned when Kaiden squeezes him while giving him cuddles. Bow is extremely chilled and allows Kaiden to squeeze but runs away as soon as he gets the chance. 

First and foremost, I blog because I love it and I love having this outlet as a way to share my thoughts, ideas and passions with all of you, but also as a form of memory keeping; lets face it, I’m not getting any younger and would love to look back on all of the awesome things I’ve done in life.

So without further or do, I hope you enjoy reading!