Hello, I’m so happy you stopped by! Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Two years ago I created JadeJennifer talking all about everyday life from fashion and beauty to where I’m travelling to next all while daydreaming from my 9-5 job. For the past two years I have worked my little butt off, putting in hours upon hours into my little baby to evolve into something that I’m extremely proud of.

Yes, I like the classic cliche mix of blogger topics but trust me when I say that it will have my spin, take and voice all over it. 

I had my son Kaiden at 16 and whilst it definitely put a bump in a road, it most certainly hasn’t changed my passions, if anything its made them stronger. Whilst I’m not a back packing travel type of girl, I love to travel and experience the best of what the world has to offer and install the freedom of opportunity to not only Kaiden but to you as my audience too. 

Utimately having Kaiden changed my perspective and now I’m determined to make it the reason that I can and I will, whatever that might look like.