My sweet little buddy,

I have come to the realisation that seven is enough. Anytime you want to stop growing and remain just as sweet, innocent and full of joy as you are right now, I’m all for it. 

You have brought me nothing but pure joy since that very first moment. Watching you grow, absorbing the world around you, inquisitive and delighted to learn, I’m reminded each day of the treasure you bring into my world.

As all mothers do, I have goals, dreams and wishes for you. I have, as you can imagine, dozens of them, but on this 7th anniversary, I will limit myself to the seven that I wish for most.

I wish for the kind heartI see you in now to stay firmly in place.  

You are a sensitive soul. You love deeply, you feel deeply, you hurt deeply. Assume that others do as well and treat them kindly. Share what you have, compliment- don’t criticize and offer to help whenever you can. The best part of my day is the joy infused by your smile, your hugs, the tender way you put your hand on my face or suddenly say, “Mummy, how was YOUR day?”  I couldn’t live without your affection and kindness.

I wish you hold things close to your heart. Your dreams: do themYour heart: follow it.  Your family: treasure them. Your friends: be loyal to them. Your fears: embrace them and allow them to make you stronger.  The money you earn: respect it. Your passion: LIVE IT.

I wish you remember how smart you are. You are smart. Wicked smart.  Don’t ever forget that smart is cool.  And if something doesn’t come easy to you – and there will be things that don’t – studying is cool too. So is trying again.  And again. Effort matters.

I wish you wins and losses. I wish I could tell you that you will never fail, that a trophy will always be within your reach, but not only is that not true, I don’t want it to be. Every time you lose a football game, every time you miss that grade that you want, every time you fail a mission on the game console, you have the chance to grow, to learn from your mistakes and IMPROVE. Learning this now means you will be better equipped for the moments in life that aren’t perfect.

I wish you share with others. Be a student.  Be a teacher. Learn at every opportunity. Read. Be inquisitive. Ask. And when you know something and know it well – teach others.  Do not hoard your knowledge, share it.  There is inherent beauty in being both student and teacher.  It is a gift to learn and a privilege to teach.

I wish you seek joy. Every single day, find something that makes you happy and do it.  Be it big or small – an act of kindness, listening to a song you love, calling a friend, watching a movie – it simply doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you spend a portion of each day smiling and laughing.  

I wish you have faith in yourself.Always come back to this one. I will always be one step behind you, supporting your decisions and trusting in your goals and dreams. I have faith, Kaiden, that you can be anyone or anything you choose.

You are what bliss looks like in a little boy.  You are dirty and messy, you snuggle and love me. I adore that you need to be burrowed into your bed at night in order to sleep.  I will never forget your need for extra light or how you still climb in to my bed in the morning. I melt when you’re in full superhero mode. And nothing gets to me more than hearing you say, “I love you, my Mummy”.I learn more from you every day than I could possibly have imagined.  You allow me to see the world from a different height, through open, honest eyes.  You love purely; you give unconditionally and play hard with all of your heart.

I will always love you, my buddy. Happy 7th birthday!

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