Those Rare Moments


Location: New York City

Have you ever realised life can sometimes be frustratingly samey? The same route to work, same alarm that’s goes off every morning at the same time, same morning drink. Even if you have less of a routine, there will still be moments in your life that have become mundane; something that happens daily that you do because you have to. We stuff our schedules and our minds to the max and that dreaded thought of ‘ah I still have to cook dinner!!’ happens on a weekly occurrence. I love cooking but I hate coming up with new dinner concoctions and for that reason it is well and truly in my hated moments pile. The same with filling in my brows, it’s such a boring activity and they never turn out the same anyway; 

the sole reason I have booked myself in to get brow lamination which I’m super excited for. The busyness, the running around, the involvement in a hundred and one things will one day come to an end. And what we’ll leave behind is not the to-do lists we ticked off or the activities that we half-heartily engaged in. It’ll be the big things that mattered deeply to us, that helped us leave the world a little better than we found it.

It’s the rarest of moments, the things that don’t happen daily, or weekly or even monthly, that mean the most. They’re the things we remember. Those days in between, I can’t remember them even two days later when someone asks me what I’ve done with my week. But the rare moments are the vivid memories that will stay with me forever. 

Falling in love

Probably the rarest of them all, so I’m starting with this. That wonderfully rare moment when you fall in love and you realise you’re head over heels, there is nothing as magical. My memories are filled vividly with the first time I told Connor I loved him, the first time he looked at me and my heart melted, the first time we kissed. It’s so special that it’s seared into my memories and it still gives me butterflies when I take myself back to that moment. Falling in love every day after that is just as magical, there was a moment in New York, when both Connor and I looked at each other and without saying anything we knew it was pretty special and in that moment my heart melted and I fell in love with him all over again.

Visit New York during winter

Night time stories

Now this one isn’t as rare as it happens every night but one day it will become rare and I know that I will look back with such fond memories of a special moment between Kaiden and I. He gets so excited when we settle down for the night, he grabs his book (right now it’s the Harry Potter set) and we usually grab a blanket, snuggle and I get to listen to him read. Time is of the essence with bedtime routines and all that malarkey but for that 30 minutes, I get to block out the world and show my love for him in a way that isn’t saying ‘I love you’ and he goes to bed calmer having that one on one time.


We’re all aiming for something in life. Our new role, our degree, our graduation, setting up our own business, running the marathon; succeeding in the thing we really put our heart into. It’s an incredible moment, to finally see your hard work pay off and to see the pride on everyone’s faces when they realise you nailed it. And for you too, it’s a truly rare moment, to feel that pride in yourself, to give yourself a pat on the back and to congratulate yourself for sticking to your guns and coming out on top.


Although I love having events, trips and holidays booked in advance, I also love doing things at the spare of a moment, whether it’s a road trip to the beach on a hot summer’s day, a last minute vacation or simply saying yes to something you wasn’t planning on doing. The stories always start with ‘remember that time that we just packed up our stuff and went…’. I always find the memories that follow are so special because it was such a fun and exciting time that you weren’t expecting and there were no pre-determined expectations that were attached to it.